Espace de soin – Séances Individuelles

Anne MONTMORY : Ito Thermie Session

Anne has been practicing Ito thermie for more than 10 years and is a graduate of the Ito thermie School of Tokyo – Japan. She has been diligently following the teachings of Master Korhogi San and has been teaching Ito Thermie Basics since 2004.
  Passionate about the human being, she has worked for many years in supporting people, both in the professional and personal field with empathic listening and NVC; she is trained in aromatherapy, phytembryo-therapy and dowsing.

The advantages of Ito thermie:
  Ito thermie immediately gives you deep relaxation; it allows you to regain a physical balance by regulating the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems. Ito thermie take off the pain, soothes the mind and strengthens the immune system.
  By combining the effects of aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage and warmth, Ito Thermie stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Anne MONTMORY consulte à Dijon (Côte d’Or) et à Dieulefit (Drôme)
Tel : 06 16 33 51 13

Isabelle GAUBERT : AKASHIC READING session = Meeting in the heart of the sacred!

This is an opportunity for:

The Akashic Reading is a sacred moment of opening the heart, consciousness and transformation where all becomes possible knowing that we always keep our free will.

  • see your biggest challenge of the moment
  • identify the source of your blockages, fears, repetitive patterns …
  • and receive the guidance for you to RELEASE
  • find the way to L’UNITE
  • activate your RESOURCES
  • Promote action and help in decision-making

By accessing the Akashic Archives, we can identify and release everything that we have created that has become a blockage to our present realization and our UNITY.

An Akashic reading represents a major step towards a profound transformation of oneself.

Isabelle : 06.81 09 15 78  Email : isabelle.gaubert047@orange.fr http://www.isabellegaubert.com  

Fred WILLHELM : Ito Thermie and Shiatsu Session


First as a school teacher, then as Stage Manager for the live show, my sensitivity naturally led me to care and well-being thanks to a meeting with ITO THERMIE in 2001.
I found with this powerful Japanese therapy the means to express my qualities of therapist, after being trained with Champaka YOSHIE and Master Korhogi San, I practiced first on me (self treatment), my family, my friends , and my colleagues.

For 18 years of experience, graduated from The School of Tokyo, Japan, and recognized as a Professional Practitioner, I currently offer sessions in Isère and Drôme (France).
For the sake of coherence of knowledge and the spiritual dimension of care, I am also trained in REIKI & SHIATSU to be able to answer all the sensitivities of my patients.

Fred WILLHELM Consult in Rhône Alpes and Drôme (France)

Tel 0679490062 Email : fwillhelm@gmail.com


Luca PALANDELLA : Bioenergetic, Lithotherapy, Reiki, Study of energy of the sacred places

Luca Palandella has been pursuing since ten years his quest for knowledge of subtle energies through different healing techniques.
 First of all, with Martin Brofman’s Body Mirror technique and then as a therapist and Reiki Master at Cefr in Geneva. He has also followed courses in bioenergy and geobiology with Stéphane Cardinaux and Élisa Beelen, lithotherapy with Régina Martino and shamanism with Liliane van der Velde.
 He practices Reiki and spiritual healing in offices in Geneva and Provence. In individual sessions, it also offers bioenergetic assessments and gives advice in lithotherapy according to your pathology. At the habitat level, He can offer you a study of the energy of the places with the operative geobiology to purify the houses, and the sacred geobiology during visits organized in vibratory High Places.

Since 2011, Luca Palandella has been practicing energetic care in the office and offers his healing tools in the « Cocoon » care space of the Heart & Healing Festival:
  – The bioenergetic balance consists in measuring the vital field of a person as well as the length of his chakras. Luca measures them by feeling in his hand. Once this mapping is established, its feeling enables it to detect the disturbances present in the vital field and to extract them. The work will be anchored by a precise lithotherapy consultation with stones for use in daily meditation.
  – The Usui Reiki gives the opportunity to do an in-depth work on the energetic body that lets go back to the consciousness of the patterns, emotions, blockages and memories crystallized in our cells. The session will also be accompanied by a lithotherapy consultation.

Contact : Luca Palandella Tel 0621046271 Email : lp@lucpalandella.net