15 to 18 of August 2019

In La Vie Tara in Lalouvesc –Ardèche

* This Festival will be in French and translated into English for International participants.

From 15 to 18 of August 2019, come to participate in this « Heart and Healing Festival » (2nd Edition) which offers you to walk a path to Healing through the Heart.

Bringing your life to another level of vibratory frequencies, freeing you from negative emotions and conditioning, turning your fears into confidence, your unspoken expression into spontaneous expression of your needs, your anger into life energy, your sadness into creativity, your anxiety into harmony, learning to give and receive, contact self-love and body awareness in the present moment.

What does this Festival propose?

Meeting with recognized and experienced Therapists & Practitioners

– Participate in 6 Healing Workshops by day (Energetic Care, Holistic Medicine with Tal SCHALLER, Neo Reiki with Henry VIRET (Sankalpo), Bach Flowers and Australian Busch Flowers with Nadia Jacquemin, Tantra with Ma Arshi,  purification by Cristal sound with Pascal and Muriel LACOMBE, Sacred Geometry and Geobatter with Pierre & Carole, Geobiology and vibratory energy of sacred places with Luca PALANDELLA, Tools of shamanic healing with Johanne RAZANAMAHAY, Quantum Medicine and Colorpuncture Healing, Chinese Medicine and Food, Circle of Joy & Laughter Workshop with Corinne COSSERON, Ito Thermie Japanese Healing Art with Roshani, Pandora Star Lamp, Zome and Meditation Dome, etc …) etc …

– Thematic conferences

– Soft and active meditations, Yoga and Qi Gong with Sarjan

– Holistic Concert & Dance (Meditative Concert and Healing touch with Praful & Vimal, Crystal Concert in the heart of oneself with Pascal and Muriel LACOMBE)

– « Cocoon » treatment area (individual sessions Massage, Ito Thermie, Colorpuncture, Osteopathy, Bach Flowers, Lithotherapy and Reiki, aura reading and chakra) & Sauna

– Sacred Geometry Space (Zome, Dome, …)

– Projection of esoteric films

-Vegetarian organic food, without meat and without cow milking

-Bar Juice (Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor)

-Space « loundge » with piano

-Walking in nature and swimming in a lake near (Lake Devesset 20 minutes from Lalouvesc)

-Children welcome (An adult will offer activities to children from 7 to 14 years old during the Festival days)

* Visit the website to find out more! Or contact Roshani Tel 0615347421

You can already make a pre-booking for your Pass :

-220 € for 4 days )

-110€ for 2 days

– 70€ for 1 day

(Accommodation not included).

* Please use the form available on the site at the end of March 2019 to make your reservation and look at the site for more information on themes and venue .


Healing is a spiritual process, which involves learning the feeling of the physical body, the acceptance of emotions, and the awakening of consciousness leading to self-fulfillment, openness to oneself and others .

The disease is causing a lack of love. To heal is to relearn how to love oneself, to accept oneself as one is, to rediscover the joy of living, laughing, sharing and dancing our daily life. To relearn how to nourish our body, both in living earth food, and in spiritual energy essence.

This opening process brings an awakening to our full potential as a human being in all dimensions of the living, using this life energy to guide us towards an expansion of consciousness and thus bring us on the path of unity. .

« Health is not just the absence of the disease. It is an inner joy that we should feel all the time, a state of positive well-being. » Chopra Deepak

« You can not heal the game without healing everything. One must not heal the body separate from the soul, and to restore the health of the mind and body, one must begin by healing the soul. For it is a fundamental mistake to separate the soul and the body from the first. » Plato

Venue: La Vie Tara in Lalouvesc (Ardèche) Accommodation in full board, former monastery and chapel within a vast park and surrounding nature, helping meditation and rest. Single or double room (with or without private bathroom), dormitory or camping. Three group rooms, video projection room, WI FI corner.

La Vie Tara
Route de St. Bonnet
07520 Lalouvesc Ardeche – France
Téléphone: 0033 (0)475678532
Portable: 0033 (0)689705225